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TSL/Data Store

Demonstration of TSL.

IDEA’s Time Series Language (TSL) is a script-based tool for retrieving data from different online sources in real time and combining them using spread sheet style expressions.  This is a major new tool for practicing economists and students in analyzing debt, growth and employment. Although TSL could deliver any desired data manipulation, the scripting language is being kept deliberately simple. Anybody who can use a spreadsheet will be expert in a few minutes. TSL includes support for multidimensional data sets (as well as ordinary series), so groups of related time series (e.g. debt for a each of the countries in the OECD) can be manipulated and displayed as easily as one. Data can be displayed as charts and/or spreadsheets or made available through our own API to other data projects. TSL is being developed as a tool in its own right, but the tool will provide the main user interface to IDEA’s own economic data base.

Access TSL/Data Store at

A group of data aficionados has already formed to maintain and populate the database. If you would like to join, let us know (with TSL in the subject line) at